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BodyLearning | Fall Series

with Michael J. Gelb

About Fall Series

6-week series with Michael J. Gelb

Are you looking for a safe, easy, fun, and effective approach to cultivate, mobilize and strengthen your vital power? Would you like to have more energy, mental and sensory acuity and ease of movement as the years go by?

Then you’ll love BodyLearning Fall Series!

Combining ancient wisdom with contemporary neuroscience, these classes bring together the best of East and West so you can experience more energy, joy, and happiness in your daily life. Drawing on more than 40 years of study of the Alexander Technique, Aikido, qigong, tai chi, and meditation, Michael teaches what he practices and practices what he teaches.

Class topics include:

  • Various forms of standing meditation and exploration of complementary breathwork
  • Learning the internal dynamic of Tai Chi Commencement
  • Application of Alexander Technique to bring ease and poise to all practices and to life
  • Enhancing mobility of body and mind with age

Mastering Creative Energy


Da Vinci Qigong

More than any other figure in history, Leonardo da Vinci represents the fulfillment of all of our creative potential. In How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, I introduced seven principles to help you learn from history’s greatest genius.

Learn to embody these principles and align with them energetically so that you may bring them to life in a new way. 

In my book Creativity on Demand, you can find a study guide for the movements covered in this course.

1. Curiosità:

embrace infinite curiosity

2. Dimostrazione:

develop independent thinking

3. Sensazione:

sharpen the senses

4. Sfumato:

embrace ambiguity and change

5. Arte/Scienza

integrate logic and imagination

6. Corporalità

balance body, mind, and spirit. 

7. Connessione

discover new connections

Disclaimer: This program is solely for personal growth and education. It should not be treated as a substitute for professional assistance, therapeutic activities such as psychotherapy or counseling, or medical advice. In the event of physical or mental distress, please consult with appropriate health professionals. The application of protocols and information in all of Michael J. Gelb’s programs is the choice of each participant, who assumes full responsibility for his or her understandings, interpretations, and results. Michael J. Gelb and Life Energy Genius assume no responsibility for the actions or choices of any participant.

Policy: Please note that seminar and class fees are non-refundable & non-transferable. If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are unable to participate in a class that you have registered for, please write to our customer service representative and, if possible, we will help you gain access to a recording, or apply the tuition paid to a future class.